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We create brand strategy and visual messaging.We are passionate about our work and we don't rest until we deliver something extraordinary.
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About us

We employ the best marketers and then train them. They work under a structured proven model that is backed by the latest in technology, to catapult the marketing results for companies we work

Our marketing managers are your marketing managers, responsible for the marketing outcomes of your company. Whether it’s generating leads, improving brand awareness, expanding into new markets, leveraging existing client relationships, public relations and social network marketing, we are there leading the way.

  • Competition Analysis
  • Personnel Utilization
  • Financial Resources
  • fastest way to transport goods
  • Effective advertisements reach
  • low cost business startup ideas

Best goods transportation(Partload/full load) network in india

We will provide transportation service all over India with Best Cost

One Awesome Desk for sale and purchase

Access to an Awesome Community of Innovative Individuals

Role of an Advertising Agency

As part of an overall marketing strategy, We hire best advertising agency to develop an advertising campaign

Low Cost Business Ideas.

Franchises with lower costs of entry can make it easier for you to plan to be your own boss.



Complete Web solution ,SEO at lowest cost

Goods Transportation

Complete Goods transportation service with safe and fast delievery(Full Load/Part Load) all over India

Sale and Purchase

Our Sales/Purchase team will provide best rates and margin for growth of bussiness

Legal Consulting

We will provide best legal solution for bussiness startup and running support


We have lot of tool and option for advertisment for your bussiness

Bussiness Startup

Our Team will provide full suport in startup of bussiness till growth


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Why Us

To operate successfully in a changing market, companies should plan their objectives and strategies around their strengths and downplay their weaknesses. At Magic Marketing , we know that market analysis and strategy development are continual processes as today’s strengths could turn into tomorrow’s weaknesses.

Before evaluating your company against the market, you need to conduct qualitative and quantitative research and analyze your competitors (we can help you with that, too!). This research will help you accurately assess your company’s market and competitive positions.

When we discuss strengths, we’re referring to a company’s competitive advantages and distinctive competencies—that is, what the company does really well. Some examples of strengths include:

  • Strong employee attitudes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Large market share
  • Personal relationships with customers
  • Leadership in product innovation
  • High integrity
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Our team

Sales/Purchase Team

Delhi NCR

For Sales Currently working for Delhi NCR

Goods Transportation

All over India

We will provide transportation service all over India with Best Cost

Customer Support

Understanding Customer Requiremets

This course provides guidelines and best practices for providing excellent customer service that will enable frontline associates and service staff in back-up and support roles to build, maintain, and increase a loyal customer base.

Website Development

Lead Developer

Complete Web solution ,SEO at lowest cost


Candidate can become an Independent Sales Agent / independent sales representative with very small investment.
Inviting Independent Area wise Distributors, Sales Agents, Sales representatives, Commission Agents, Freelance Sales Executives, Direct Sales Agents, Independent sales representatives, and Multi-level marketing (MLM) Agents in all cities across India for MM

Magic Marketing Offers attractive margin for their Distributors and Retailer. Excellent marketing, sales & promotion support will be provided by Magic Marketing advertising.

Interested Distributor / Sales Agent / Dealer may Email to info@mmgroups.co.in or Connect through Whatsapp Mobile No-9582885818